Organizational Psychologist&
Inspiration, Aspiration

Act delicately, kindly, and boldly to fulfill the purpose towards which you are drawn. Commit yourself fully in this moment to what you have vowed to fulfill, even if it  changes in the next moment. Pursue fullness moving through life, living the edges of the unknown, ' the edges disappear and you expand, limitless, into your full potential. Fly, let yourself soar, cut the ankle weights, dare to do your best, your realest, your most true, your most vibrant work, over, and over, and over again.

Dare to breathe to the edges of your skin, and keep going. Dare to fail, dare to fall, dare to cry, dare to hurt, and dare to get back up and do it again, with all that you have forgotten and all that you have learned, together. Lean on people and let them lean on you. Open your heart and follow the whisper of your story, of your responsibility to the world, to yourself, to each creature on this planet, to this very planet itself. Open your eyes and see, really see, what is here. Don’t assume, don’t forget the vastness in each moment, the beauty in each breath, the love in each touch. Only here is anything, everything, possible.

If you attend to every moment, you never have to rush, 
and you will    always      have   enough      time.
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"To pretend, I actually do the thing: I have therefore only 
pretended to pretend."
- Derrida