Welcome to The Rest of Your Life
Dear One,

I fall in love again each time I see your exquisite sensitivity and the lens of beauty you apply to the world. I admire your curiosity and how it drives you to explore the world around you, discovering anew the darkness and the light. I am humbled by your surrender to acceptance when understanding holds no solace. I love you when you’re sad and hurt, when you’re alone and disappointed, and when you are joyful and free, content and pleased. I see how deeply the biting pointedness of experience pierces you, and I honor how you live in that experience.

I love you when you’re lost, and I love you when you’re found. I love you when you’re searching, and when you’ve settled down. I love you holding fast to goodness, to openness and fullness, to the integrity of uncompromising effort in the face of cultural forces that would rather have you bow to them. Your steady march towards embodying every-growing kindness, towards living in a way that does not harm others, is holy. Know that when you have erred, that too is part of the path. When you have fallen off, that too is part of the path. It’s okay. Just keep going. I hope only that those experiences illuminate the path towards your deepest purpose.

I admire your kindness, and recognize your stubbornness. The many beautiful parts of you shine in ways that aren’t always appreciated, and I want you to know, I see them. Yes, you have the dark side too, I know that. It’s okay. Use it as an indicator, a way to know when you need to take a good look at what’s going on in your life and in your head. Be gentle with yourself–you do deserve that, and need that to melt away the stuck places. 

I love your perseverance, your eagerness, and your affection. It brings you alive in the most wonderful way, glowing with a happiness that can’t be faked. You shine from the inside out when you’re connected, to people, to your purpose, to your body, to what is real, to the full expression of your life. Don’t forget this; this is important. Notice when you start to dim your light, and get curious.

The truth is, I love you in every way you have ever been, and all the ways you have yet to be. It hurts to watch you hurt, to watch you get hurt, to watch you hurt yourself. When you’re really living you, that’s it. That’s the end game. That’s all that’s necessary. To fully inhabit the blurry edges of what it means to live your soul life, flying full speed into the future while smelling all the roses. Keep that, hold it safe; it’s sacred, this you-ness. Don’t forget that. I love you and always will; i forgive you and always will; i admire you and always will; i accept you and always will. Remember the glory of your heart and mind inspired, what that’s like, and run with it; that’s what it’s like to fly. Let curiosity be the wind. I will always be here for you, so you don’t have to run away “just in case”.

"To pretend, I actually do the thing: I have therefore only 
pretended to pretend."
- Derrida
Inspiration, Aspiration

Act delicately, kindly, and boldly to fulfill the purpose towards which you are drawn. Commit yourself fully in this moment to what you have vowed to fulfill, even if it  changes in the next moment. Pursue fullness moving through life, living the edges of the unknown, ' the edges disappear and you expand, limitless, into your full potential. Fly, let yourself soar, cut the ankle weights, dare to do your best, your realest, your most true, your most vibrant work, over, and over, and over again.

Dare to breathe to the edges of your skin, and keep going. Dare to fail, dare to fall, dare to cry, dare to hurt, and dare to get back up and do it again, with all that you have forgotten and all that you have learned, together. Lean on people and let them lean on you. Open your heart and follow the whisper of your story, of your responsibility to the world, to yourself, to each creature on this planet, to this very planet itself. Open your eyes and see, really see, what is here. Don’t assume, don’t forget the vastness in each moment, the beauty in each breath, the love in each touch. Only here is anything, everything, possible.

If you attend to every moment, you never have to rush, 
and you will    always      have   enough      time.
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